9th July 2019

Paper Squared Branding

Project overview

Paper Squared is an online branding agency that connects clients with designers. They commissioned me to design their brand that would set them apart from the oversaturated market and leave a lasting impression.



Logo Design

Creative Direction

Project information

Time frame: 1 week

Problems: Creating an effective design style around the logo that did not look too generic or plain.

Solutions: Develop a strong sense of personality for the brand and what makes the logo actually work which is boldness in addition deliberate shapes and typography.

Design thoughts:


Due to events going on my side I decided to design while traveling. This allowed for me to utilize my equipment to its fullest potential, transitioning from program to program as ideas came in. Going fully digital allowed for the creative process to go smoothly. I would send over documents via PDF with a click of a button. In addition, whenever a creative idea came to mind a sketch and rough draft could be made without being dependent on the light outside or the location I was at. Ultimately, this enabled me to explore various options with the client resulting in a bold memorbale logo.

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