14th November 2018

Rack Crate's Advertisement

Project overview

Rack Crate was looking for a design to use as an online flyer to capture the attention's of young adult's who are intrested in buying hosting hardware. The design style chosen reflects that with a playful assets and colors.





Project information

Time frame: 2 Weeks

Problems: Displaying information without overloading the user with too much images and text.

Solutions: Simple punchlines and high contrast to have easy reading.

Design thoughts: The design style is very fun and easy to have a consistent looking project.


Before I started this project I wanted to come at it with a new approach that I think proved very effective. It took time to try and personify the features on Rack Crate's website. Once I was able to do this I created very rough digital sketches just blocking out where main features would go. I then went through an iterative design process of adding detail to each element that I had the rough shape of.

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